I Reviewed It Because You Didn’t Watch It – SOTU Enhanced View Live Blog


As I sit here in front of my television, geeked out for the SOTU (that’s State of the Union to you Washington outsiders), I’ve got my laptop in front of me. I’ll be watching the “enhanced version” provided by the White House that will supplement the president’s speech with graphics and charts. I figured I’d live blog it for the rest of you Political and Design geeks out there.

I constantly preach to my clients to borrow ideas from everyday life. I have a feeling this enhanced version will have more than enough ideas to borrow for Openings, Closings … Read the rest

Would-be activists, can you read this?

That’s the question Google should have been asking before posing the question “Congress, can you hear us?” in their SOPA protest infographic. The content is, for the most part, unintelligible without downloading the file first. Doesn’t that undermine the effectiveness of a protester’s inforgraphic? (This is where I’d give you the textbook definition of “infographic”, but Wikipedia.com is shut down today in protest of the SOPA bill.)

All I can decipher from Google’s creation is that there seems to be some ground swell of people (over 3MM now) yelling at a computer. Without being able to make out the words, you … Read the rest

Graphic of the Day – Death and Taxes

Waiting for Jess Bachman’s Death and Taxes poster to come out every year is sort of like the Superbowl event for political and infographic junkies (we’re a small breed). He packs in 1,000′s of pages of information into one incredible 24 x 36 poster. Learn exactly how we’re spending the largest U.S. Government budget ever.… Read the rest

Careful Who You Hire To Do Your Photoshop Project

Worst Photoshop Job... EVERActually, maybe the headline should read “Careful Who Hires YOU to do a Photoshop Project”, considering the employer is Syria’s brutal dictator.

We’ve been preaching at Core for years to hire designers on recommendation. At the very least check your designer’s portfolio. You do not want to show up to court with a 5th grade level Photoshop job for one of your exhibits. Or in this case, have it show up on your state-controlled news outlet.

[Gawker]… Read the rest

Graphic of the Day

Weinergate EffectIn the (fictional) case of Twitter v. Anthony Weiner, the Plaintiff’s have one hell of a case against Rep. Weiner and his contribution to their lost wages. OK, maybe I should leave the lawyering to you all and I’ll stick to making pretty graphics.
Courtesy of MashableRead the rest

How Would Mitt Romney’s PPT Hold up in Court?

NOTE: This post will NOT focus on politics. Go read Huffington Post for that. I’ll be focusing on a presentation being used by a politician.

I had to put out that disclaimer in the front, because I realize most of the country is turned off by politics. Living and working near DC, it’s hard to ignore politics. It’s the business of the area and seems to be a part of just about every one’s lives around here, just as showbiz rules LA, and heart attacks & cardiovascular disease rule Houston. So when I heard Mitt Romney gave a speech … Read the rest